6, but three of those were in my first year of driving and then I got a radar detector. But I still got 3 tickets over the last 4 years of driving. I was doing good for a few years too with no tickets but then Detroit happened to me. Its a damn speeders heaven here. » 12/21/14 10:02pm Yesterday 10:02pm

I've had my macbook pro for over 5 years now, still running like a champ. Well she's getting a bit slow, but thats expected. Hell I even spilled pepsi all over it and killed it less than a year in and my techy friend cleaned all of the boards and other internals off and it was just fine. » 12/20/14 5:14pm Saturday 5:14pm

First off since when is a A5 too big? Its a "compact executive coupé". I don't see why the engine's size matters though, when it makes more HP and torque. Its a good engine stuck in fancy Golfs. On that topic, a S3 coupe would be the TT, they're both Golf based. » 12/19/14 8:51pm Friday 8:51pm

I feel I should of clarified this was in my head the bottom of the range for the car. Something along the lines of the 640d. Also diesel is used in every kind of car. It makes sense for more relaxed driving aka a GT and not a sports car. » 12/19/14 8:47pm Friday 8:47pm